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My dude straight loving him some nsync.

Over Pressure


In the shop today, constructing new flats with the TD.

TD: Now, this wasn’t actually intended for this….

Me: *gives him perplexed look*

TD: This is a staple gun for upholstery.

Me: Ah.

TD: But it also has no safety so when you use it be careful, because *points gun at opposite wall and shoots*

*staple hits and sticks a hardwood door 25ft away*

TD: I…should probably turn down the pressure from the compressor since I’m not using the big gun anymore. 

Me: Probably.

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Anonymous asked:

do animals think in English or their own little animal noise?

Well, do people who speak Spanish, French or German think in that? I think yes, so using that logic, I would think the animal noise

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